Saturday, March 26, 2011

The end of winter?

We want it to be spring! We are facing possible snow again tonight and tomorrow as we have for this entire week. My soccer team has been practicing in the gym and I am not too sure how our first game on Tuesday will go. We chased the sun to Arizona last weekend for baseball spring training- our third year in a row- but the storms followed us and rained out our second game. We came home to 2 feet of snow to shovel. We celebrated Ellie's 8th birthday in Arizona and are looking forward to her baptism on April 9th. I need to finish getting ready. I am still thinking of things to do while she is getting dressed in dry clothes. I would like people to write testimonies on cards for a scrapbook, but I don't scrapbook! I also wanted to make a video of pictures and music, but maybe I am not too good at doing that. Maybe we will watch a church video :) Currently, Autumn has pneumonia- another reason why we are ready for spring. The winters are so hard on her. Scott has mentioned wanting to move to Arizona and I wonder if it would be better for her to be out of the freezing weather, but I am just really hoping she grows out of her weak lungs. The summers in the desert would cause me to be weak everything. Okay- so I updated. I will look for some current pictures to add.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Whole Year Later

Oops- I forgot to maintain my blog for my one follower! Hi, April! So, Ellie just finished the first grade and has become such a great reader and athlete. My favorite new Ellie comment is, "Sometimes I don't like to eat my vegetables, but when I don't, I feel like I haven't showered for days!" She also said that eating junk food is just like eating tree bark- it's not too good for you. I need to learn from her. Autumn is definitely a three-year-old- a bit defiant and dangerous, but still feeling guilty about it.
My highlights of this school year were home-schooling a wonderful student for a couple months- it was so nice to teach all the subjects instead of just English, especially the chemistry and algebra, and coaching a championship girls soccer team. I have had some great players on my team in the past and thought I was in a rebuilding year with a young team, but they were amazing once they learned to work together and trust each other. It was an honor to coach them.
Scott is working hard as usual and not looking forward to working out in the summer heat. His latest passion is frustrating politics. He is getting his summer projects in order and looking forward to vacation.
I will post some pictures soon- or maybe in a year!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My kid is a 1st grader!

Here is Ellie at her kindergarten graduation. Her teacher, Mrs. McKay, was absolutely perfect! Ellie will miss her and we are so grateful for all she has done. I can't believe Ellie will go to school all day! Time to enjoy the summer!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 2009

May has been busy with things at home. I worked a couple weeks full-time because my teaching partner is on maternity leave. My soccer team- go Wolverines!- made it to the championship tournament for our league, but we lost in the first round. I am still so proud of them. We lost 4 forwards so my sixth graders really had to step it up. Ellie is enjoying t-ball and she is counting down the last days of kindergarten- 9 left! We are looking forward to summer and vacations and we are loving the spring weather. I don't have any new pictures, so here are a couple from our spring training trip to Arizona.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We are at the eve of the end of Spring Break- so sad! All the things I planned: spring cleaning, yard work, a trip to the beach, all just bygone breezes. Oh well. We did have a fantastic trip to San Diego for Easter and to visit with the Samsons. They kept us safe at the border and we enjoyed shopping and Sea World. Thank you for your hospitality and friendship and great food!


Ellie's birthday was a blast! I tried to keep the Hannah Montana theme to a minimum since it was hard for me to accept. We had lunch, painted nails and put glitter in our hair, painted canvas purses, played pin the guitar on Hannah, musical pillows, and freeze dance. This was the first year I bought a cake and the day ended with Grandpa's manicure. All the girls were so well-behaved and happy. Happy 6th birthday Ellie!

Monday, March 9, 2009

February went way too fast! The winter has been fun with opportunities to enjoy Mtn. High.(Thanks Ben!) We are well into March and planning Ellie's birthday, a trip to Arizona for Dodger Spring Training, and starting T-Ball. I started coaching my school's girls soccer team with tryouts today. I will have to cut 1/2 the girls, so there will be tears (from both of us). Scott is going to help coach Ellie's T-ball team so things will be busy.